Thoughts While Walking – Maxwell Bodenheim

A steel hush freezes the trees.
It is my mind stretched to stiff lace,
And draped on high wide thoughts.

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Urban Celestial – Jeffrey Greene


Leave this body out all night

in frost in the leaves.

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St. Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad, Petersburg – Ron Smith

Oleg had white teeth, but Natalia’s were golden.
He taught “navigation” at the Frunze; she, physics
at Public School 625. He said literature was “a drug,”
and she came shouting, red-faced from the kitchen.

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Theater – William Greenway 

Like the neighborhood kind
you went to as a kid, full
of yellow light and red
velvet curtains and everybody
there, friends, bullies throwing
popcorn, somebody with red hair.

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