Resistance: Poetry reminds us that we must witness and testify. – Geoffrey Hilsabeck – Poetry – 1/16/17

Resistance, I am learning, as I form one group and join two others and leave message after message with my senators and force myself to attend as fully as possible to every piece of bad news coming from Washington, involves few clear victories. Like poetry, it courts failure and boredom. And like poetry, it’s necessary, now more than ever.

Poetry resists the degradation of language. (Herbert jokingly referred to Stalin as “the Great Linguist.”) It resists hopelessness, alienation, and cynicism, the manna already being offered us from above. It reminds us that we must witness and testify—or, as Brecht puts it….

         In the dark times, will there also be singing?
         Yes, there will be singing.
         About the dark times.