Resurrection – Sally Wen Mao

In the autumn I moved to New York,
I recognized her face all over the subway
stations—pearls around her throat, she poses
for her immigration papers. In 1924, the only
Americans required to carry identity cards

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Two Stanza Republic – Lauren Hilger

A baby calls out from each room.
Chubby cheeks, it’s in the bag,
I know ten bright-eyed ways to start a breakfast.
Borrowed and blue,

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To Sara, 1999 – Bill Jones

Nearly sixteen years ago,
you made your way into this world,
calm and quiet, with none
of the fuss or emergency
of Sean and Nate.

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Extra Terrestrial – Ciaran Berry  


The flowers die, the flowers come back to life.
Through the rainbow blinds, I point towards my lost star.
It’s like I’m that sad usher waving her torch
along the rows of the Astor Cinema to make sure
the courting couples haven’t gone too far.

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