Fiddler Crabs – Alan Feldman

They look too busy to retire.
Or else some government has cut their pensions
and they have no option but to remain industrious,
whatever it is that they do, exactly,
at certain hours, when the tide has fallen.

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Tuesday – Fady Joudah

Days been dark
don’t say “in these dark days”
done changed my cones and rods

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Zero – Melissa Stein

Papercut contracts the whole world
to its sting. A stubbed toe to its throb.
Oh beautiful contusion, is it wrong
to love your annihilation
of everything but you?

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English Class – Robin Chapman

Twelfth grade reading lists stretched out
as endless as the sentences we diagrammed,
as orderly as the outlines for our senior essays—
“Humanism in England in the Fourteenth Century”
I think I wrote about, cobbling facts together

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