1/15/17: 3 about night, one re: letting the light in



Broken – Bonnie Bolling

I go to the market,
though many are missing
from their homes in the village.

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Midnight to Eight- David Salner

Midnight to eight I spend with machines,
with their incessant hum, the hubbub and scrape,
the snip-snip, the whine of well-oiled tongues
that winds through the night. I listen to lathes

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Driving Through Vermont at Dusk – Jen Levitt

In towns that could be anywhere
in America, you are exactly

yourself, joined to a flawed body,
sanded & smoothed, a shelf

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Songs to Joannes, V – Mina Loy

Midnight empties the street
Of all but us
I am undecided which way back

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