This Sunday, “Writers Resist” poetry readings will be held in 92 locations

Find readings in your own state here 


Nervous about the current political/national situation? Want to take action? Consider joining the WRITERS RESIST movement.

Here’s one of their upcoming actions:

“Since the November elections, some artists are taking the lead in a national movement they say is designed to protect civil liberties and defend truth in political discourse. An event being held in 87 locations nationwide and five internationally in conjunction with Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday will bring together writers who will share their concerns for the future and audiences who want to help spread the word.”

-Susan Dunne- Real Art Ways, New London Library Join ‘Writers Resist’ MovementThe Hartford Courant –  January 10, 2017

Also see: Averse to Trump, America’s poets fight back with words – William J. Kole – A.P., via The Seattle Times – January 12, 2017

“Michael Ansara, founder of the group Mass Poetry , which promotes poetry in Massachusetts, said interest in the genre has surged nationally since the election. Internet searches of poetry are up 20 percent to 30 percent, he said.”


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