Dailies 1/12/17:the geography of the forehead, grieving in a brown recliner, the wish to be Anaïs Nin, & setting our deaths to music



Geography of the Forehead – Ron Koertge

Everyone thinks the brain is so complicated,
but let’s look at the facts. The frontal lobe,
for example, is located in the front! And
the temporal lobe is where the clock is.
What could be simpler?

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Music from a Farther Room – Gary J. Whitehead 

The flute, the sackbut, the dulcimer
in the rooms of the dying. The harp,
the cornet, the psaltery. The look

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Grief – Maria Mazziotti-Gillan

I have been grieving for a long time now.
So many of those I loved gone.
I remain behind in a house
that’s suddenly too big for me.

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from “[the old soiled carpet of the wish to be Anaïs]” – Wayne Koestenbaum 

            writing on the bruised
body and seeing into the
bruise’s locked backyard, not
psychoanalyzing the incursion
but appreciating its scissory
up and down

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