My Father Watched Westerns – Faith Shearin

He couldn’t get enough of them: those dusty
landscapes on the other side of the screen,
men on horses seeking justice or revenge.
All through my life if he was tired I would

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Don’t Hang Up – Bill Brown 

Only my wife has my cell number.
Yet, October calls with lack of wind,
says drought, not rain, causes maples’
color change, and no news isn’t good
news until dark skies bleed. Waiting

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Civilian – Jared Stanley 

All was permitted you.
Rooted out as a misfire or
somebody’s chance smudge
stabbed into a satisfied mind,

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Southern Exposure – Joseph Millar


Bring me your silent lake in the woods
and your field of harvested grain

with some rich man’s horse pastured nearby,
its eyes pearlescent, its tangled mane.

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