Dailies 1/9/16: hiding, holding a dead wren, needing a safe house, foreclosing on peril

So you will never find me – Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Mary Jane White 

So you will never find me—
In this life—with a sharp and invisible
Fence, I encircle myself

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Raise- Vanessa Jiminez Gabb 


I need a safe house everywhere I go.

The invasions are every day. –

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Writer’s Almanac has no text up for today’s poem, but one can find it via Google Books:

Looking at a Dead Wren in My Hand – Robert Bly 

Forgive the hours spent listening to radios, and the words of gratitude I did not say to teachers.

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Foreclosing on That Peril – Julie Carr

I’ll keep explaining—because maybe you still don’t get it
Those children in California (substitute any state), dead from gunfire—

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