Dailies 1/8/16 the damn angel doesn’t want a highball, the Baron is interested in dirigibles but not balloons, Jane Kenyon takes down a Christmas tree, & Marianne Moore doesn’t like poetry



Taking Down the Tree – Jane Kenyon

“Give me some light!” cries Hamlet’s
uncle midway through the murder
of Gonzago. “Light! Light!” cry scattering
courtesans. Here, as in Denmark,
it’s dark at four, and even the moon
shines with only half a heart.

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Predelictions – Claire Bateman


The Baron is interested in dirigibles but not balloons;

The Barnoness in infants, not toddlers;

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The Damn Angel Doesn’t Want a Highball – Dan Ivec


I’m here to be cruel

regretted the heaven official

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Poetry – Marianne Moore 

I, too, dislike it: there are things that are important beyond
all this fiddle.
Reading it, however, with a perfect contempt for it, one
discovers that there is in
it after all, a place for the genuine.

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