Poem for My Son in the Car – Jennifer K. Sweeney

The wipers sweep two overlapping hills
on the glass, we are quiet against the
squeaky metronome as we often are
before the concerns of the day well up.
Today: Is it dark inside my body?

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The Princess of War, The Queen of Nowhere – Bruce Bennett


Our grandson, aged two,
announced that my wife,
who is Mayor of our village,
is “The Princess of War,
The Queen of Nowhere.”

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The Past- Kim Bridgford 

The past is what you’re looking at:
Sepia, historical, and lost.
Emotions mold and shatter it.

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The Woodcutter Changes His Mind – David Budbill

When I was young, I cut the bigger, older trees for firewood, the ones
with heart rot, dead and broken branches, the crippled and deformed

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