Dailies 1/3/16: Everything is political & this is not an age of beauty. + Suicide Hotline Hold Music & poets weeping while their mothers play piano.



Note: A friend pointed out today that this is most likely an unacknowledged homage to D.H. Lawrence’s “Piano”: 

Music – Anne Porter

When I was a child
I once sat sobbing on the floor
Beside my mother’s piano
As she played and sang

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Suicide Hotline  Hold Music – Jessy Randall 

We play cheerful music on the suicide hotline—
cheerful but not too cheerful.
Nothing with lyrics.

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Age of Beauty – Emilia Phillips 

This is not an age of beauty,
I say to the Rite-Aid as I pass a knee-high plastic witch
whose speaker-box laugh is tripped by my calf

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I Woke Up – Jameson Fitzpatrick 

and it was political.
I made coffee and the coffee was political.
I took a shower and the water was.
I walked down the street in short shorts and a Bob Mizer tank top
and they were political, the walking and the shorts and the beefcake
silkscreen of the man posing in a G-string. I forgot my sunglasses

Read rest of poem 


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