Ode to the Fish – Ellen Bass

Nights when I can’t sleep, I listen to the sea lions
barking from the rocks off the lighthouse.
I look out the black window into the black night
and think about fish stirring the oceans.

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Of Thee I Sing – Ocean Vuong

——-We’re riding in the back of the black

limousine. They have lined

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Biking to the George Washington Bridge – Alicia Ostriker

It sweeps away depression and today
you can’t tell the heaped pin-white
cherry blossoms abloom along
Riverside Drive from the clouds above

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Lines Written for Elmo Castelnuovo – Peter Everwine

It’s not time that passes, it’s you, it’s I
—Rutger Kopland


In winter, by late afternoon, it’s almost dark
when you come home from the mine. I hear
the front gate creak and the metallic clink
of your pail before you round the corner
by the back steps where I’ve been waiting.

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