Historically Speaking – Stephen Dunn


It was a year of pirates in speedboats,
anonymous bullies spreading privacies
on the Internet, and the worst of them
doing worse than that and wishing to be known
for what they’d done, their perfidy
an advertisement for a cause.

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Harbingers – Gregory Djanikian 


Always the small before the large,

the early crocus before the full-bloomed garden,

the single firefly until the thousand lights.

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Chinese Restaurant – David Shumate 

After an argument, my family always dined at the Chinese
restaurant. Something about the Orient washed the bitterness
away. Like a riverbank where you rest for awhile. The owner
bowed as we entered. The face of one who had seen too much.

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Now – Robert Browning 

Out of your whole life give but a moment!
All of your life that has gone before,
All to come after it,—so you ignore,
So you make perfect the present,—condense,