If It Was a Snake – Louis Jenkins

You’ve lost something, your car keys, or your watch
and you have searched for what seems like hours. But
then suddenly it appears, right there on the table, not
two feet away. “If it was a snake it would have bit you,”

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Pastoral – Rose McLarney

Cattle are a black weight on the light sway of land that was once
prairie. The wind pulls at it, wantful; they appear to hold it in place.

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Read Genesis – Gerald Stern

I was betrayed by Bohemia early
in my life and left a run-down hotel
with my eye swollen shut by an insect bite
but got my revenge in France and Italy
and wasn’t bitten once in those two countries.

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Ahead – Rae Armantrout



“Event-goers” herded
into “viewing pens”

(snipers on the roof)

to celebrate
“the safest New Year’s ever.”

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