Bengali-Muslim poets using “Miya Poetry” as protest


Protest poetry: Assam’s Bengali Muslims take a stand: To confront discrimination, Bengali-origin Muslim poets are turning “Miya” – a slur for illegal immigrant – on its head. – Aletta Andre, Abhimanyu Kumar, Aljazeera, 12/23/16

“The movement began with Hafiz Ahmed, an academic, social activist and poet in his 50s, who published Write Down I Am A Miya on Facebook in late April. His poem received hundreds of likes, comments and shares, and triggered a series of spontaneous poetic responses.

“[Shalim M.] Hussain, who says earlier he mainly wrote about love and death, responded next with his poem called Nana I Have Written, asserting his identity as a “Miya” for the first time.”

Write Down ‘I am a Miyah’
Hafiz Ahmed

Write Down
I am a Miya
My serial number in the NRC is 200543
I have two children
Another is coming
Next summer.
Will you hate him
As you hate me?

Read rest of poem + “Nana I Have Written” & more about the movement 

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