Dailies 12/22/16: Dylan challenges a poet to tell him something that’s not weird; an old man makes another poet look at a grave in the woods; Marilyn Hacker talks about old age, loss, + writing; & an EMT hopes a pregnant plumber doesn’t give birth



EMT Hopes Pregnant Plumber Doesn’t Give Birth – Ron Reikki 

She’s too skinny to have a baby in her,
looks like a pipe, is a pipe. She’s quiet
but her husband won’t shut up, bragging that Mario,
the video game character, was a plumber
and that Joe the Plumber was a plumber

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Amaryllis – Edwin Arlington Robinson

Once, when I wandered in the woods alone,
An old man tottered up to me and said,
“Come, friend, and see the grave that I have made
For Amaryllis.” There was in the tone

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I Have Not Come Here to Compare Notes But to Sit Together in the Stillness at the Edge of This Wound – David Kirby 

Asked if it isn’t weird to be at an awards ceremony with Gregory Peck,
Dylan says, “Well, listen, everything’s weird. You tell me something

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Calligraphies: IV – Marilyn Hacker 


Eight in the morning.
The old woman down the hall
is playing Fairouz.

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