Dailies 12/19/16: sheep in the winter night, the small bone in your foot that’s longing for heaven, strangers, + yam weevils



Sheep in the Winter Night – Tom Hennen

Inside the barn the sheep were standing, pushed close to one
another. Some were dozing, some had eyes wide open listening
in the dark. Some had no doubt heard of wolves. They looked
weary with all the burdens they had to carry, like being thought
of as stupid and cowardly, disliked by cowboys for the way they

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Yam Weevil – Amy Wright 

Infinitely susceptible
to downtrodden
or gobble, weevil
designers are constantly

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American Ready Cut System Houses – Heather Derr-Smith

Your postcard said, Nothing like a little disaster to sort things out.

Blueprints, sketches, such perfect houses in the photograph on the front,
all the lines true and in harmony. I took it with me like a paper charm,

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Some Small Bone – Hailey Leithauser 

Some small bone in your foot is longing for heaven
—Robert Bly


This twinge at first stir
too modest for throb,
more diffident
than tug,

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