Dailies 12/15/16: marriage, a black woman’s body, training for war, a safe house



Ephebe – Claire Millikin


My father once had a student whom he loved.

a slender man, almost still a boy.

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A Bell, Still Unrung – Safiya Sinclaire

She daily effuses
the close-mouthed
tantrum of her fevers.

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The Merger – Charles W. Pratt

        for my son

Trying to think of something useful
To say about marriage, I remember
A morning when I was twenty-plus,
Self-absorbed in my tinny pink
Renault Dauphine, my Little Toot,

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Safe House – Mukowa Wa Ngugi 

Sirens trespass through our bar window
and a mess of red lights dance disco
on our writing pads.

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