going back

Here is Nate Marshall’s response to the Lisel Mueller poem I pointed to yesterday while on my palindrome kick.
Nate Marshall
after Lisel Mueller
on her profile i see she has 2 kids,
now 1 she had in high school, now none
at all. she unaborts 1.
she is unpregnant
in 8th grade. she unresembles
her favorite pop singer Pink. she uncuts
(poetry diary 118)  Liberal Democrat that I am, it’s hard for me not to read these poems while thinking of the way many of us keep saying things like “if only we could go back to November 7, 2016….” (Yes, I know it’s a whiny sentiment and not one to be taken seriously, but psychologically it’s hard not to feel that way sometimes. Funny to think about it after experiencing these palindrome pieces….) 

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