Dailies 12/13/16: Doubting Thomas, Evergreens, a mother’s shoes, modernity



Modernity – Maurice Manning

In the old days people got
old, and age diminished them
or not depending on how one thought
of age. Is age a number that
declines with mere increase, against
the grain of simple arithmetic,

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My Mother’s Shoes – Frannie Lindsay

Toward the end she only wore
her brown ones, the Velcro not quite
holding anymore; toes scuffed
from Wednesday ballroom class,

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As Thomas, Doubting – JK Daniels

I was not his twin. I tried to listen: be tenantless,
he said, Mary was male like us and could enter
the kingdom. Mary: tanned and touched

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Evergreen – Ron Schlegel

I whisper to the tree, the tree,
the murmuring Tree
“I might take action”

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