Dailies 12/11/16: the President, the sea, Limbo, and an alternative to writing poetry




The Poet’s Occasional Alternative – Grace Paley

I was going to write a poem
I made a pie instead      it took
about the same amount of time

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Letter from Limbo – Jeanne Marie Beaumont


You ask what glories we have access to, being
“excluded from the beatific vision” as defined.

Best is the firmament—barred from heaven
but not the heavens, which open for us

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The President of People Fooling Themselves – Jen Karetnick


Forcing a bow tie on a bankrupt foundation,

he made to armor the Art Deco dawn

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Sea-Heroes – H.D. 

Crash on crash of the sea,
straining to wreck men; sea-boards, continents,

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