There’s a fascinating story about a poetry-plagiarist up at African Arguments right now: A red scar on African poetry: Anatomy of a serial plagiarist – Tom Jalio – African Arguments – 12/5/16

Redscar did not just flirt with plagiarism during awards season. It was a long-term hobby that only found new openings in 2016 (“about ten journals this year alone,” Babishai said). He would comb through various sources (printed texts, Tumblr, Vimeo, blogs) for poetry from around the world or for prose he could break into stanzas. He would sift through the content until he found narratives that would wow publishers and prize givers.

For those interested in the topic of poetry and plagiarism, there’s a  bunch collected over the past few years via Tribrach here, including ones about similar scandals in Australia in 2013.