From “Whereas Statements” – Layli Long


WHEREAS my eyes land on the shoreline of “the arrival of Europeans in North America
opened a new chapter in the history of Native Peoples.” Because in others, I hate the act

of laughing when hurt injured or in cases of danger. That bitter hiding. My daughter picks up
new habits from friends. She’d been running, tripped, slid on knees and palms onto asphalt.



ROSE TANTRUM – Michael Earl Craig


I’ve given it time, as if time were mine to give.

There was a dam, larger than Hoover or the President or the patent

For the metal creature that sucks up all the dust.

Words had to stop and ask permission before crossing over.



imgres-1.png “Poets Respond” 

BREAKING NEWS: OSCAR BAIT – Karthik Purushothaman

shakycam isn’t cinematic
the fighter jet growls

47cover300.jpg“Poets Respond” 

THE FALL – John Paul O’Connor

My old friend and I walk down the sidewalk after drinking beer
and whiskey at the pub and despairing over the election of the new