“I have not lost my interest, nor my belief, in the powers of poetry. But my goals for my own poetry, and for the ways that I write about poetry, are not what they were before November 8. “

“I still believe that in the worst possible America—a state that would resemble, say, Erdoğan’s Turkey, or Orbán’s Hungary—there would be a place for the arts, and a reason for teachers to teach. I believe, too, that the role of a poetry critic is in part conservatorial: we save Chaucer and Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt for future generations, almost as the Sierra Club tries to save sea turtles and jumping mice. And if it is wrong to be a poetry critic in the age of Trump, it is also wrong to be a classical musician, a graphic designer, or an ancient historian.”

-Stephen Burt, Reading Yeats in the Age of Trump,  Boston Review, November 29, 2016

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