Dailies 12/2: urchins, ghost towns, home towns, & the Equinox



The Sea – David Baker

        urchins spread. They want enough room
on the seabed, along the black basaltic

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Equinox – Carmen R. Gillespie

“In some cases, a succession of colored arches,
of a reddish purple … are seen within the primary
rainbow. These are called supernumerary rainbows.”
-Humphrey Lloyd

I can never remember which is which,
what switch of seasons is equinox or solstice.

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Home Town – William Stafford

Peace on my little town, a speck in the safe,
comforting, impersonal immensity of Kansas.

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An Outcropping – Thomas Reiter 

From ghost town to ghost town
in the Pine Barrens,
a pilgrim as much as anything,

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