Tell My Heart – Janice N. Harrington 

        Pictures come to my mind; I think my pictures out with
            my brain and then I tell my heart to go ahead.
                                         —Horace H. Pippin

His reds always clamored—mortars bursting, a plane afire,
a gunner’s barrage, gladioli, gunshots, or Golgotha’s
blood rain. He made no distinctions. His roses were fists.

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Plantation – Charif Shanahan 

When he finally brought the hammer down
One half-inch from my mother’s face

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The Couple – Louis Jenkins

They no longer sleep quite as well as they did
when they were younger. He lies awake thinking

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Abandoned Places – Lindsay Tigue

I move to Georgia
and a new friend can’t find
a place to get married, to celebrate.

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