more on Dylan & poetry


At The Independent, there’s a list of five poets that inspired Bob Dylan’s lyrics:

Bob Dylan: Dylan has leaned on poetry more than any other musician – Tim Atkins – 11/22/16

And at The Weekly Standard, Joshua Gelernter has a piece on Bob Dylan’s influence on contemporary poetry. I wish he’d backed up his ideas with examples and research, though, as otherwise he comes across as someone who doesn’t actually read poetry.

See Bob Dylan and the Great Poetry Hoax – 11/21/16

Though Bob Dylan will not be at the Nobel Prize award ceremony, Gelernter says he “will nonetheless be honored for ‘having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.’

“Those new poetic expressions—modern poetry, semi-nonsense poetry—are, thanks largely to Dylan, the only kind that anyone writes anymore. Certainly it’s the only kind of poetry that anyone publishes. Finding new conventional, rhyming and coherent poetry is as unusual as finding new tonal classical music, or new paintings of boats and horses.”

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