Happy Thanksgiving: A Menu Poem by Geoffrey Gatza:

One Hundred Megawatts of Butter

Guest of Honor: Elizabeth Alexander

at BlazeVox 


Gatza’s gift to the world is an electronic book containing a menu based on Elizabeth Alexander’s “Chorus of Life: Twenty- One Voices Lead by Victor Frankenstein,” plus the poem itself.

“This project is a conceptual meal served for the thousands of friend I would love to have over to our home on Thanksgiving Day. Since it is unavoidably impossible to even consider doing such a thing in real life, I have designed a menu of foodstuffs that reflect upon the guest of honor as a person, a poet and their poetry. These works directly respond to our surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. With a conceptual approach, this menu-poem tries to increase the dynamic between audience and author by objectifying emotions and investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations.” -Geoffrey Gatza

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Elizabeth Alexander 

My mother loves butter more than I do,
more than anyone. She pulls chunks off
the stick and eats it plain, explaining
cream spun around into butter! Growing up
we ate turkey cutlets sauteed in lemon
and butter, butter and cheese on green noodles,