spider parable


(poetry daily 93) thinking of this poem right now as I work in New Haven, which, according to Justin Schecker of NBC Connecticut (August 2, 2016) “has accepted the 12th most Syrian refugees in the country.”

Fady Joudah
                        wouldn’t hurt a spider
That had nested
Between her bicycle handles
For two weeks

“Citing security concerns, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says Syrian refugees should not be allowed in the United States.”

“It’s not American to say those things,”[IRIS Executive Director Chris George] said. “This is the finest foreign policy program we have welcoming persecuted people from all over the world.”

Refugees must be finger printed, interviewed numerous times and have their documents analyzed before the Department of Homeland Security allows them to enter the country, George explained.

“Any refugee who has arrived here in Connecticut has gone through the most rigorous vetting process in the world,” he said.

Source: ‘Now I Feel Comfortable’: Syrian Refugee Shares Journey of Resettling in New Haven | NBC Connecticut http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Now-I-Feel-Comfortable-Syrian-Refugee-Shares-Journey-of-Resettling-in-New-Haven-389006472.html#ixzz4QZfYjZ1Q

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