Trump poems


The Los Angeles Times reports on the large amount of poems being written about Trump and the election, especially at Hello Poetry:

Donald Trump has roused the poets to stinging verse – Jeffrey Fleishman – Los Angeles Times – 11/18/16

Also keep an eye on the “Poets Respond” column at Rattle: 

VILLANELLE FOR AMERICA 2016 – Katie Bickham 

The American machine is far from broken,
but grinding bones the way it was designed.
No quiet now will hush the thing we’ve woken.
Read rest of poem  at Rattle, “Poets Respond”


CANADA – Richard Garcia 

A dying Alaskan anarchist pleads to be buried in Canada.
Escaped slaves follow the drinking gourd toward Canada.
Blacks who fought for the British escape to Canada.
Tories pack their wigs and head for Canada.


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