Lunchtime with Woodwinds – Alli Warren

I wish I could write a song
to make the world
yield to this rushing

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The Writer’s Almanac has apparently started publishing new poems again. (For a while they were recycling older ones.) Woot! Here is an excerpt from + a link to:

Recognitions – Stephen Dobyns

The awful imbalance that occurs with age
when you suddenly see that more friends

have died, than remain alive. And at times
their memory seems so real that the latest

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Huge Cloudy – Bill Carty

Survived summer?
Prove it, show the wound.
In Sunland, everything was grand
in form and shadow because

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My Hamartia – Carol Ann Davis 


My hamartia uprooted undressed  hamartia undone by song green-winged
hamartia  above and  out of courtyard  my royal hamartia  rumor stained  ashy my
knee-slap hamartia  difficult as a joke  my banjo  by string and by neck  my hamartia

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