Dailies 11/15/16: the bouncer at Ian’s house, people who don’t believe in heaven, & the fact that “the fate of the land is the fate of man.”



Song as Abridged Thesis of George Perkin Marsh’s Man and Nature – Major Jackson

(Poem on the Occasion of the Centenary of the National Park Service)

The pendulous branches of the Norway spruce slowly move
as though approving our gentle walk in Woodstock,
and the oak leaves yellowing this early morning
fall in the parking lot of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller.

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Ian’s House – James Haug

The bouncer at Ian’s house has it pretty easy. The people who
come to Ian’s house are the kind of people you’d expect, people
who listen to a little song in their heads, who wear navy wool caps
and give secret nods and are inwardly shocked when they glimpse

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Brighton Beach – Sarah V. Schweig 


Because the people I love don’t believe in heaven
we take the train to Brighton. Atlantic Avenue, Pacific Street. The ocean

is always the ocean, so we take the Q. Seventh Avenue, Prospect Park.
It’s hard to explain. The tide rises, and we drink all the beer we brought.

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