Dailies 11/12/16: “Ode to Psyche,” & a terrifying story about a hot air balloon, & a poem about Betty Parris, one of the 1st in Salem to accuse others of being witches

The Advance of the Glacier – Gregory Kimbrell


The habitants of Lesser Ransom, long acquainted with evil, looked up from their preparations for the difficult winter. The elder explained, The Prince of Darkness comes riding his chariot. Of course, the experimental balloonist heard precious little over the roaring fire that kept him aloft in the heavens. Instead, he observed the villagers’ kneeling as one in prayer. Perhaps he thought that they praised almighty God for the miracle of manned flight.

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Betty Parris Only Hears No –  Ginny Lowe Connors
daughter of the Reverend Parris

No running    no dancing    no wasting of time
No power    no nonsense    opinions    or rage
All of our stitches must march a straight line

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Ode to Psyche – John Keats

O Goddess! hear these tuneless numbers, wrung

By sweet enforcement and remembrance dear,

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