Dailies 11/5/16: talking to dead mothers, mothers singing about war, & the possibility of giving birth to a butterfly



How to Talk to Your Dead Mother – Nicole Rollender

At first, it’s like old times, old bones: She puts
her hand on the inside of your lower arm’s trusting
skin, a cat’s belly turned up. She wants to know
about what she’s missed—things that don’t matter
as much to you—the swans on the lake, did their five
cygnets survive, or did a snapping turtle drag them
under the water, all except one? Her white dress

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The Mother’s Song – Henry Israeli


The mother’s song is
———the sound of the boot
compressing the snow
———the sound of the bayonet
stabbing a bale of hay

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Love Songs (section III) -Mina Loy

We might have coupled
In the bed-ridden monopoly of a moment

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