This week in Rattle’s “Poets Respond” feature: Dylan’s Nobel + a young Arab-American poet’s response to the current election


Every week Rattle posts poems written in response to the current news. Here are links to the latest two poems:

  1. The first is about Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature. Karthik Purushothaman writes,

” For as long as the prize continues to be awarded, there is no doubt it will remain Eurocentric. Therefore, every decision the committee makes outside the list of ‘usual suspects,’ I consider a victory for the many forms in which literature exists and continues to thrive, in the present day.”


Karthik Purushothaman

after the announcement of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature

Last week, a voice won
because it was heard.
Can you have claimed any
other victory to be yours?

2. This next poem was written in response to the current election. Jess Rizkallah notes

“As an Arab-American, sometimes I forget how the rest of the world views the Middle East. And then I am reminded.”


Jess Rizkallah

a white poet once told me that no one cares about my politics or experiences.
we all start writing too early. we should only be roving eyeballs,
our writing stilted on cones & rods. no teeth. all lips to the ass of the canon.

 Rattle’s latest print issue is on Adjuncts. 🙂 

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