rebellious sheep!


(poetry diary 77) At our public library’s story/craft time yesterday, the kids were supposed to use finger paint to make cute fluffy little sheep.  My child instead went wild and made a GIGANTIC MONSTER SHEEP. It looked like Shrek, the famous New Zealand sheep who hated having his hair cut so much that he ran away and hid in caves for 6 years.  Shrek finally let himself be captured when his wool grew so much that he could barely walk or see anymore. According to EarthPorm, (Shrek, The Sheep Who Escaped Sheering for 6 Years, ) he had grown 60 pounds of wool. “In fact, after 6 years without any haircuts, Shrek had enough wool to produce 20 suits for men, large men.”

In honor of Shrek, the rebellious sheep, here’s “Bad Sheep” by Hailey Lighthauser.

Midnight’s merely blue,
but me, me, me, I’m
and through
sloe, cracked soot-
nicotine spat, licorice whip.


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