Dailies 11/2/16: the mother of a murderer, an angel who speaks highly of death, & a hero who carries a single feather in his eye



The Captured Angel Comments on Death – Neil Carpathios 

It’s a great invention.
People are a lot nicer
when they’re dead.
They don’t get impatient
waiting in line at the license bureau.

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from “Mount Carmel and the Blood of Parnassus” – Anaïs Duplan

Let us enter this again. In the context of this paragraph,
we are hurtling backward through space, toward a small
opening: I press my hand to your lip and you bite. You bite
my spine. Ben his jawline was stellar. Ben his curlicue.

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Selvage – A.E. Stallings

(from self + edge, the firmly woven edge of a fabric that resists unravelling)

Who knew her son had salvaged so many hates?
Their feet twitched a little, like thrushes caught
In a fowler’s net
. The simile had the tang
Of remorse. No, surely the idea was his

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