Seaweed – Laverne Frith

(after a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe)

Surely the soundings of the sea

must accompany it, follow it to shore

where seaweed learns to languish,

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Stories – Stephen Dobyns

All stories are sad when they reach their end.
The rain comes; the night falls; Malone dies alone.
With little bites, the pragmatic devours the idealistic.
A bit of ash, a grain of sand; dust blows down the avenues.

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Coldness in Love – D. H. Lawrence

And you remember, in the afternoon
The sea and the sky went grey, as if there had sunk
A flocculent dust on the floor of the world: the festoon
Of the sky sagged dusty as spider cloth,
And coldness clogged the sea, till it ceased to croon.

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