What to do w/jewelry after a break up?


(poetry diary 67) I found this poem a week ago while looking for a non-schmaltzy poem about wedding rings. I had just gotten a new cheap but pretty token one, since the one I originally got is too large to wear comfortably on my ring finger.  (My husband’s rings were also too big–he lost one in the ocean one day after our wedding, and another while cleaning out gutters.  Now he has an adjustable, copper one that turns part of his finger green but at least stays on.) I didn’t find any non-schmaltz wedding ring poems, but I did find this one by Denise Levertov. I like it because it’s about a common problem: what to do about jewelry after a break up or divorce? (The ring from my 1st marriage is at the bottom of a lake right now. Oy.)

Denise Levertov
My wedding-ring lies in a basket
as if at the bottom of a well.
Nothing will come to fish it back up
and onto my finger again.

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