Dailies 10/21/16: passing…feeling sorry for oneself…fading….


Passing – Cynthia Manick

: to bind the center of a peach pit heart
like a covered form; to smile tooth-wide
without looking too much alive; to cinch
a curved body like a rag; to avoid watermelon
and chicken; to seed thoughts of

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An Accounting – Brett Fletcher Lauer

In this room, hours pass, a slight
corruption of each previous
allotted time block—and probably
confirm failure and humiliation,

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Visions – Mikko Harvey

for Erkki Melartin


They say to document the conditions now because
soon the fading will begin. What the fading is
I do not know, so let me begin by telling you
about the cold. When you want to eat with a spoon,

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