“Conceptions and constructions of whiteness,” she explained, have been “made and then propped up with eugenics and propped up with false science and false rhetoric and maintained through the justice system in every way”. They then become invisible. As writers and artists, she said, “it’s our job to point this out, because I really believe that people don’t know” – about what makes whiteness, or about how broad the life experiences of white people are.

Claudia Rankine: why I’m spending $625,000 to study whiteness – Steven W. Thrasher – Guardian – 10/19/16


from Citizen, V [Sometimes “I” is supposed to hold what is not there]

Claudia Rankine

Sometimes “I” is supposed to hold what is not there until it is.
Then what comes apart the closer you are to it.

This makes the first person a symbol for something.

The pronoun barely holding the person together.

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