What is the plural of “Big Foot?”


(poetry diary 62) Yesterday I met a library worker who said that a reference question came in the other day about the plural of “Big Foot.”  This has led to an on-going debate in her office.  (Is there more than one Big Foot?  If there is, how would one refer to them? etc. etc.)

According to the Cryptomundo blog, (see this link for a convincing argument,) the plurals of “Big Foot” and “Sasquatch” are “Big Foot” and “Sasquatch,” just like the plurals of “antelope,” “deer,” and “moose” are “antelope,” “deer,” and “moose.” (Apparently the plural of “Yeti,” though, can be “Yetis.”)

After reading this, I had a fun experience in messing w/my own brain while reading Chad Davidson’s “Consolation Miracle,” which contains Big Foot.  I believe Davidson is referring to one Big Foot, but imagining that he’s speaking of multiple Big Foot makes reading lines like the following especially fun & trippy:

Bigfoot trails out of California
into my living room, a miracle
in the muddled middle ground of the event
time carries itself like Bigfoot: heavy,
awkward, a touch too real to be real.
Read Davidson's poem here 



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