R.I.P. David Antin


David Antin, poet and critic known for his ‘talk poems,’ dies at 84Washington Post – October 18, 2016

In the 1970s, Mr. Antin began to develop a hybrid form of storytelling that was a combination of poetry, spoken meditation and critical essay in which he discussed issues or intellectual concepts in front of an audience. The performances were recorded and later revised by Mr. Antin into written works that became known as talk poems.

David Antin Dies at 84; Poet Created a New Performance Style – William Grimes – New York Times – October 17, 2016

“I tried to invent a poem, my kind of poem — an interrogation of a sort,” he told The Review of Contemporary Fiction in 2001. “I started thinking out loud, and that was somewhat better. I was committed to a poetry of thinking — not of thought but of thinking.” The poet, he wrote in his 1972 essay “Modernism and Postmodernism,” was “a man up on his feet talking.”

what it means to be avant-garde [excerpt]

David Antin, 19322016

            and i was thinking about this while i was flying
 toward iowa and thinking about how everyone was going to be
trying to locate the avant-garde      and about how almost
 everyone was going to agree that it would involve either
shocking or making it new      and and that i was supposed to be
 talking about this too      and i realized i was going to be
  confused      because practically every role classically

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