Dailies 10/19/16: Chasing a bear from a bird feeder, imagining a son one will never have, & a boy who wants to start a reliquary



The Boy with the Bolt – Taije Silverman 

The boy at my poetry reading wants to start a reliquary.
He might be twelve, his belly billowed around him like a safety
net for his body, and a head of curly hair the shocked color
of saffron. His shoulders have the blockish weight
of a kitchen cupboard but his voice is a child’s,
girlish and mannered. His name is River.

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Chasing the Bear From the Bird Feeder – Tim Mayo 

Boo! works the first time. A little less the second.
Then he begins to realize you are neither god
nor ghost, that what shines at him in the night,
your flashlight, has no power other than to reveal.

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The Son I’ll Never Have – Mark Wunderlich

The son I’ll never have is crossing the lawn. He is lying on an

———–imaginary bed,

the coverlet pulled up over his knees—knees I don’t dare


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