WOLF CAKE and poetry


(poetry diary 60) I’ve been keeping this diary for the past 60 days to find out whether I can make poetry relevant to my life each day.  Some days it’s easier than others.  This weekend my fabulous sister-in-law made a wolf cake for my son, who loves wolves. So of course (as the cake makes this one of the easy days) I have to post Adrian Blevins’ “How to Cook a Wolf.”

It’s not a poem for my 5 year old right now, but maybe my sister-in-law will like it.  George Szirtes’ “The Wolf Reader,” which is partly about the pleasures of reading books w/wolves, is definitely one I’ll  talk about with my child this week, though, as we read one of our many wolf-centered books.

How to Cook a Wolf
Adrian Blevins
If your mother’s like mine wanting you honeyed and blithe
                   you’ll get cooked by getting evicted
since the mothers can teach with a dustpan the tons of modes of tossing.
The Wolf Reader
George Szirtes

for Marilyn Hacker

There were the books, and wolves were in the books.
They roamed between words. They snarled and loped
through stories with bedraggled wolfish looks

Read rest of poem 

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