Lunchtime (or breakfast if you live in the U.S.) Poetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool. There’s a new poem-a-day email newsletter out:

“Lunchtime Poetry”


Since it’s put out in England it seems to come into America’s in-boxes in the morning  (so it’s more like “Breakfast Poetry” for us) but the poems are also good to read w/morning coffee.  The poem mailed out today was “Past one o’clock.” More can be read about the newsletter here:

TinyLetter: the mini saviour of modern poetry? – Lara Williams – The Guardian – October 13, 2016

TinyLetters are a simple but radical new email marketing tool that could save poetry and short fiction from obscurity by winning authors a bigger audience

Past one o’clock

Vladimir Mayakovsky

Past one o’clock. You must have gone to bed.
The Milky Way streams silver through the night.
I’m in no hurry; with lightning telegrams
I have no cause to wake or trouble you.
And, as they say, the incident is closed.

Read rest of poem 

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