Dailies 10/14/16: strong women, fathers, & the loss of the sight of a Strawberry Moon



[No Strawberry Moon] – Emily Pérez

No strawberry moon for me, tonight. No strawberry moon. This small house creeks when I walk and open it. I have to weigh it, to goddess or not tonight. Goddess or godless. God is in my sleeping children’s presence tonight.

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Multitudes – Allison Joseph

I’m a big city girl and a small town woman,
able to speak patois in a drawl, attracting
both hustlers and hicks with the blank

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Certain Things – David Brendan Hopes 

For the sake of my father, certain things
must be done in a certain way:
tightening of bolts, of nuts around threads;
coiling of hoses; firm, instant replacement of lids;
spreading of seed from the hand held just so,

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