Blessed Yom Kippur


(poetry diary 53) Wishing those who celebrate it a Blessed Yom Kippur.

I picked the Philip Terman poem below because it has a decent explanation of what happens on this day.  (Also see  Don’t say ‘Happy Yom Kippur!’ and 4 other tips for the Jewish holy day -Howard Cohen – Miami Herald – October 11, 2016) I had to look all of this up, as (from what we understand from piecing together stories,) my mother’s mother’s mother was most likely Jewish, but converted to Catholicism after fleeing Poland’s Pogroms.   This means I’m most likely technically Jewish, but was not raised in the religion or traditions.

I’m sad about this. Some, like today’s fasting, sound beautiful and healing.



Philip Terman


We swallow our own spit.

From sundown to sundown,

the ache in the stomach

is a small spot expanding

Read rest of poem 

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