Dailies 10/9/16: hearing news from the Frontal Lobe, looking at a painting, & doing everything as though one were a god


To Be a God – Justin Boening


Starting now, I’ll do everything
——————as if I were a god.

I’ll walk from a dark room
——————as a god walks from a dark room.

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News from the Frontal Lobe (& hold that thought, hard) – Stephen Bett


Despite what the paranoids, wackos,

& conspiracy nutters believe, the New World Order

isn’t really about little pale blue helicopters

crossing prize flatlands in the night

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Before a Painting- James Weldon Johnson

I knew not who had wrought with skill so fine
What I beheld; nor by what laws of art
He had created life and love and heart

Read rest of poem 

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